Sunday, October 24, 2010

Birthday Boy

Five-years old!! Where has the time gone!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Snake Kisses!

No snake kisses for me thanks! I'm waiting for my Prince Charming!
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I'm not scared!!

Abby had no fear when it came to holding a snake around her neck! Has anyone seen Josh??
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Posted by PicasaMikelle's not so sure about this!

Soccer and Fall Pics

A beautiful fall day at the beach. The kids had a blast at the nature center with all the animals. The girls even held a snake around their necks. Josh kept his distance!! Check out the next post for pics! We finished out the day doing what every kid loves, throwing rocks in the lake!

A special pile of rocks for Grandma Lynette! The kids were disappointed that I wouldn't ship rocks to Grandma!

Mikelle playing goalie for her team, The Vipers. Not to many wins this season, but lots of fun!

Mikelle in action!