Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."

Some of you will recognize this scripture found in Proverbs 3:5-6(KJV). It is one of my favorites and until recently I thought I understood this scripture. However, recent trials and adventures in my life have made me realize that at times in the past I have only put partial trust in the Lord. Why am I starting this blog post with a scripture? Because it was the only way I could adequately introduce the events that have transpired in our family over the last 6+ months. In my last blog post I shared how Paul had accepted a job in Illinois, however, we now live in Billings, MT. Shortly after my last post, I was diagnosed with ventricular tachycardia, a very serious heart arrhythmia. Two weeks later I underwent a cardiac ablation to hopefully correct the rhythm problem. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful. During that time, we were also anxiously looking for a home in Macomb. This to was unsuccessful and we were starting to worry as graduation was quickly approaching and we had to be out of our home in Milwaukee by the end of May. Having done all we could do, we put our full trust in the Lord, knowing that he knew of our prayers, efforts and the desires of our hearts. We had come to Billings the summer of 2010 and Paul had a number of interviews. We liked the area and the proximity it gave us to our families and had hoped we could find a practice in Montana after Paul filled his commitment in Illinois. Shortly before Easter, Paul received a phone call from one of the dentist's he had interviewed with in Billings asking him to come for another interview. Paul flew out over Easter weekend to meet with them. After looking at a number of options, they came to the conclusion that they were not quite ready to bring Paul on, but offered him a partnership after Illinois. Paul came home the Monday after Easter and related the news. We both felt discouraged but decided to increase our efforts to find a home in IL. I left shortly after he got home to do some sightseeing with my aunt who was visiting from out of state. Paul called me a few minutes after we had left and told me he had received another phone call from Billings. He explained that this dentist had seen his CV on the Montana Dental Board website and needed an associate ASAP. Ironically, he was purchasing a practice that we had looked at purchasing previously. Long story short, Paul headed back to Billings and felt a confirming witness that we were supposed to move to Billings. However, the challenges were far from over. We were unsure if he would be able to get out of his contract in IL and we knew that finding housing in Billings would be challenging based on a hot rental market. Paul graduated the weekend of May 21st and 22nd. On the morning of the 23rd, Paul was released from his contract in IL and faxed in his contract for the job in MT that afternoon. That evening, I found us a great home with a wonderful landlord who was willing to take a chance with an out of state family. Without having packed a single box at that point, we moved just two weeks later. I didn't get to say as many good-byes as I had hoped for. Please accept our apology if we didn't get to tell you good-bye! We arrived in Billings after a two day drive. Our furniture finally arrived the first part of July!! The summer months found us busy exploring Montana and spending time with our family. School started for the kids the end of August and they are all doing well, especially Abby, in their new schools. They have made friends quickly. Paul has transitioned well into Dentistry and the practice is growing and doing well. We have been extremely blessed and are grateful for our challenges. My health hasn't been the best recently, but I am optimistic that I will be able to overcome this trial. I am scheduled to have a second ablation in Salt Lake on the 28th of December. This is a new procedure that uses MRI technology to map the heart and uses catheters that are more flexible and able to access areas in the heart that are difficult to reach. We want to express our deepest appreciation for all of our friends and family who have loved us, supported us and served us during this eventful year in our lives. We will never forget you!!
Paul and Alicia & Kids

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Drum Roll Please......

We enjoyed a special visit with Bob and Gladys(My great uncle and aunt) while vacationing in the Dells.
Sydni and Mikelle climbing the rock wall at the Kalahari.

This shot really doesn't do the scene justice! This is Abby, 3 stories high on a rope course. She has no fear and a ton of determination. I on the other hand, nearly passed out and couldn't watch!! She is one amazing 7 year old!

Fall 2010

It's official!! We are moving to..............Macomb, Illinois!! Paul has accepted a position with a Community Health Center in Macomb. It's a beautiful town and home to Western Illinois University. The schools are great and we are excited to be staying in the Mid-West for a few more years. Macomb is 1/2 hour from Carthage and 1 hour from Nauvoo, IL. Both of these places are significant in our church's history and in our family history. Each summer there is a pageant in Nauvoo that re-enacts the story of early LDS pioneers. We are hoping to be in the pageant the summer of 2012. We love visitors! Come and see us anytime! We plan on living in Macomb for two years and then purchasing a practice(hopefully in the West and closer to family!) We have enjoyed our dental school adventure and all the wonderful friends we've made!! We will miss you!! Please keep in touch! I promise to be better at keeping our blog updated after I graduate!!!! We had more good news this week! Paul passed his last board exams and is on the home stretch to graduation!!! He graduates on May 21st and 22nd. If I pass my math proficiency exam, I will graduate on the 21st too!! For those of you who don't know, crazy me decided to go back to nursing school last year and finish my BSN(Nursing). I'm really looking forward to this new chapter in our lives!! I think after 14 years of marriage we are finally taking a break from education! Joshua asked me the other day what Daddy was going to do when he was done with dental school. I told him that Daddy was going to be a dentist. He said I was wrong and that it was time for Daddy to do something else!!! I am optimistic that Paul's third career choice is it! He not only passed his boards, but did very well and I know he will make an excellent dentist. Here is a few pics of our "celebration" trip to the Wisconsin Dells this week and our daredevil daughters. Thank you all for your encouragement and support! I'm also including an updated picture of our family.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Dunes

This is what we woke up to this morning!! We couldn't open the doors the snow was soooo high!! We also had "thunder snow" during the night! The kids ran into our room this morning to inform us that there was a "tidal wave of snow" in the driveway! No School today!!

Spelling Bee Champ!

Sydni won her middle school spelling bee on Friday, January 21st! It's not very often that a sixth grader takes the title. She competed in the district spelling bee on Monday and took fourth place! The top six winners head to the Region spelling bee on Thursday night! We'll keep you posted on how she does. The region winner goes to the State bee and then on to Scripps!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Birthday Boy

Five-years old!! Where has the time gone!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Snake Kisses!

No snake kisses for me thanks! I'm waiting for my Prince Charming!
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I'm not scared!!

Abby had no fear when it came to holding a snake around her neck! Has anyone seen Josh??
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