Monday, November 19, 2007

Wisconsin Home

We Love Lake Michigan! The kids think the "ocean" is only ten minutes from our house. We took a Sunday drive and found this wonderful beach. We thought we'd just let the kids play on the beach and throw rocks in the water.
These pics are before they all decided to jump into a very cold lake!! Thank goodness home is not to far!!
Our little monkeys enjoy climbling the many trees we have in our yard.


On August 7th, 2007 our family left our home in Sunny Arizona to start a new adventure in Snowy Wisconsin! Despite extreme boredom and heat(see pic of underwear head pirates), we survived packing and were on our way! Our goal was to stop at all the temples along our route. However, thanks to poor map quest directions and car trouble, we only saw Snowflake and Albuquerque. We enjoyed seeing many new sites as we drove across the country and even got to spend time with cousins in Texas. After four long days in the car, we were finally home! The kids were amazed at all the trees and grateful that the weather was cool enough that they could play outside again!