Sunday, February 10, 2008


Schools canceled again! Serious cabin fever has hit the Fawson's! What we sing while we shovel snow, "Sweet home Arizona, where the sky's are so blue........"

Abby the Fairy Four-Year-Old Birthday

Our sweet little Abby is four!! She is growing up fast and loves fairies and magic wands! We made magic wand cookies for her dance class and a castle cake for her birthday.

New Year's Eve and FIREWORKS IN THE SNOW!!

We had a fun New Years! The Johnson's came for lunch and brought us some fireworks. Mikelle, Abby, and Josh had never held a sparkler before! They were illegal in AZ. It was great fun to do fireworks in the snow! Paul and Sydni and Mikelle stayed up until midnight and watched the ball drop! Another highlight of our day was that we finished reading the Book of Mormon!!

Ice Skating

Ice Skating with their new skates from Grandpa and Grandma Palmer. It didn't take them long to learn how! Ballerina's on ice!!


We had a relaxing Christmas at home. The kids woke up at five, but waited patiently until 6 a.m. Santa brought a wonderful dollhouse and many gifts!

We spent the day playing games, eating sweets and making a yummy Christmas dinner.
Our new tradition this year was to make a gingerbread house. We found this cool log cabin design and spent a few nights and lots of royal icing putting it together.

Christmas Tree Hunting with the Johnson's at Tannebaum Acres

Dasher made a pre-Christmas visit to the tree farm. The kids enjoyed seeing a real reindeer.

The hunt was on for the perfect tree......

We found the perfect tree! We then took a hayride around the tree farm and ended the night with a warm cup of cider! Yum!

Little Ballerina's

The girls first dance recital with Rising Stars dance company! They all did a wonderful job!

Backup a little bit, Thanksgiving with the Johnson's

We love having family close and we love the Bryan and Robyn Johnson family!! It's great having Paul's aunt and uncle just an hour away! We had a fun and very filling Thanksgiving with them! The girls loved playing in the snow and making a little snowman with Rose!

Abby loved all the sweet treats, Aunt Robyn's homemade grape juice, and cousin Joanna!!
Our little turkey made a chocolate covered turkey!

Weekend with Bob and Gladys

We spent a wonderful and relaxing weekend before Christmas, with Bob and Gladys, my "Great" uncle and aunt. I'm so happy that my kids can have memories with these wonderful people. We loved their visits as kids and I'm glad we live close enough to see them often. They treated our children like royalty! The kids even got to eat a delicious Christmas dinner on nice china plates and drink out of goblets! The girls and Paul enjoyed building snowmen with Uncle Bob. Afterwards, we went to the Lions Club to see Santa. Uncle Bob gave us a personal tour of all the trucks in the fire station. Joshua was in heaven!!

Our first snowfall in nearly six years!!

The girls knocked this icicle down by themselves!! I took the picture and then I began my lecture on the dangers of icicles!! They were pretty proud of their icicle log!!

It started snowing Dec. 1 and has harldy stopped! Kinsey wasn't quite sure what to think of it at first! She has grown very fond of it though and loves to chase snowballs!

Happy Halloween

Our Ward Halloween Party with the little spooks. Abby(Dorothy from the "Blizzard of Oz"), Maddie(Sydni's best friend and a black cat), Sydni(Snow Fairy), Mikelle(2nd year running as a kitty cat), and our little Joshua(a dinosaur). The kids had a fabulous time. It was too cold for a trunk or treat, so the kids went trick or treating to each primary class. There was a cool spook alley, a dance contest, a pumpkin carving contest, and a performance from our ward rock band!
Dorothy and Dinosaur doing the chicken dance!
Boo at the Zoo! The Milwaukee Zoo is just around the corner from our house. We can hear the train and even hear the wolves howl at night! We had a great time trick or treating at each of the animal exhibits. We rode the ghost train into the dark woods. There were not any spooks in the woods, but Mom and Dad were even a little scared riding through the dark and misty woods!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Fall in Wisconsin

It snows leaves in Wisconsin before it snows snow!!

Do We Really Need to Buy Our Kids Toys??

Joshua driving his trains in the dishwasher. Joshua using his train table as a chair. This shot was taken seconds before the bottom fell out!! Oops! He won't do that again!


"Bad, bad babies...... why can't you be good??" (lyrics to one of the kids favorite songs). P.S. The crib is still standing!

Joshua's 2nd Birthday

Our little "J" bugs 2nd birthday. Our little caboose is growing up fast!! He's all about trains and loves Thomas! He spent the whole week singing happy birthday to himself!

He loves his new train table!
He also loves anything with four wheels and buttons!! Especially buttons that make noise! We had a fun family party with Uncle Bryan and Aunt Robyn and kids.