Sunday, April 19, 2009

Resolutions.....Is it really April already??!!

Well so much for that resolution!! I've obviously missed a few months! I'll catch up later! A few highlights of the last few months: Abby turned 5 January 23rd! She's an amazing little girl and keeps our lives exciting. She's a social butterfly and her idol is Sharpay from High School Muscial. Everything has to be fabulous for Abby. She won't leave for school in the morning without her hair done just right and her lipgloss on! We're in trouble!!
February brought a release from my calling in the Primary Presidency. I enjoyed it, but was ready for the release. Having one spouse in a leadership calling at time is a good idea! I've been happy to give Paul more of my support in his bishopric duties. I was called a few weeks later to be the Activity Days leader and am loving it!
After a healthy winter, we have made up for it during March and April. Strep throat made it's rounds, as well as Fifth's disease, sinus infections, and currently rotavirus. (Never heard of it, you don't want to! It's a terrible intestinal virus that reeks havoc on children and their mothers!)
On a better note, Paul took his written board exams in March and passed! We are almost at our half way point. It has gone by so quickly!